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PureView Buil

PureView MDL  Multi-Deck Luminaire

The PureView MDL is a leader when it comes to energy efficency, light uniformity and color rendering in display case merchandising lighting applications.

Best-in-class Uniformity - 1.1:1

Fully concealed LED emitters

2000 lm on center

     The PureView MDL is set apart from traditional display case lighting methods by utilizing the latest advancements in LED technology and VE's Patented "Low Glare" coin optic design, delivering and enhanced shopping experience for the consumer without sacrificing reliability, energy efficiency and durability. 
     Valuable to the merchandiser, and easy to install.  The PureView MDL is here to satisfy your Refrigerated Case Lighting needs for many years to come.


Watts                                           6 watts, 12 watts, 15 watts

Input voltage                              120 VAC

CRI                                                  84

Color Temperatures                      4000K

IP Rating                                         IP 65

Frame                                          Shatter proof metal guard

Uniformity                                   1:1;1  6 inch mounting distance

Rated                                           100,000+ hours at 70% Lumen Maintenance (L70)

Reflector                                      VE Patented Coined Optic

Certification                                UL, ULC, ROHS, NSF

Made in U.S.A.                           Designed, Fabricated and Assembled in U.S.A. 

Warranty                                     5-year limited warranty

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