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What is Coined Optic Technology?

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An optic for use with LED illumination sources, incorporates multiple facets in rows along its length. The facets are formed by coining (cold forming) the shapes into a suitable malleable material. By selecting the malleable material to have high heat conductivity and mounting the optic in contact with the circuit board that drives the LED, the optic serves both light dispersion and heat sink functions. Since the facets are formed with high precision they can be selected to direct light to an illuminated surface (actual or virtual). The use of multiple facet shapes (e.g. linear, radius and parabolic) the light can be reflected (multiple times if desired) to provide a highly selectable illuminated field. In the most common installation the different facets are used to uniformly illuminate a surface.

Coined Optic Patent: US 8,882,302

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Learn about Vision Engineerings patented coined optic technology.
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