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PureView RDL 

Refrigerator Door Light

The PureView RDL is a leader when it comes to energy efficiency, light uniformity and color rendering in display case merchandising lighting applications.
  • Best-in-class Uniformity - 1.1:1

  • Fully concealed LED emitters for exceptional visual comfort

  • Highest lumens on center in the industry - 2000 lm


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Watts                                            6 watts, 9 watts, 12 watts, 18 watts, 24 watts

Input voltage                               24VDC +/- .5VDC

CRI                                                   83, 94

Color Temperatures                       4000 K,

IP Rating                                          IP 65

Frame                                          Shatter proof metal guard

Rated                                           100,000+ hours at 70% Lumen Maintenance (L70)

Reflector                                       VE Patented Coined Optic

Certification                                 UL, ULC, DLC, ROHS, NSF

Made in U.S.A.                             Designed, Fabricated and Assembled in Palmdale, California 

Warranty                                       5-year limited warranty

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